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Is Gabriel Basso gay? The Real Truth about The Night King star’s sexuality

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Gabriel Basso is one of the upcoming actors in the entertainment. While he has become increasingly popular for his role in The Night King, Gabriel has been surrounded by a rumor regarding his sexual orientation.

A lot of people are searching all through the internet if he is gay or not. Well, here in this article we are going to find out the answer to the question, is Gabriel Basso gay?

Is Gabriel Basso gay?

The answer to this question is still under review, after all his personal life has been obscure till now. Going through his Instagram account, he has not shared a single image from which we can determine whether he is gay or straight. While some sources have openly claimed he is not gay, Basso is yet to address such loose talks about his sexual orientation.

Gabriel has been active in the industry since 2007 and not once has he played an LGBT character.

Gabriel shirtless while playing drums.
Is Gabriel gay?

Besides, Basso himself has not come forward and said anything about his dating life. Talking about his current relationship status, Gabriel is not dating anyone. There have been a lot of rumors regarding his affair with The Night King co-star Luciane Buchanan, however, their relationship is not like what many have assumed it to be. According to various reports, the pair is just co-stars.

How did the speculation about his sexual orientation start?

Rumors regarding a celebrity’s sexuality come after they play an LGBTQ character in a film or series or when they say something that indicates they might be gay. Basso here neither has played an LGBTQ character nor has he said anything, so how did the rumors start?

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It looks like this is one of those cases wherein if tabloids are not able to find anything about a celebrity’s dating life, then they automatically assume the actor might be a closeted individual.

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