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Is Fred Armisen gay?

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We all know Fred Armisen is a great comedian and actor. After gaining fame in SNL, he started getting roles in several big movies and TV series. During his time in the SNL, Fred played many flamboyant characters which led many people to think, is Fred Armisen gay?

Besides, Fred himself never came out in the open and addressed his gay rumors. But there are many things in life that don’t need any explanation. Throughout his 56 years of life he has had a lot of relationships in the past and that too with females. But the question still lingers, how can he play gay characters pretty well? Let’s find out more about his sexual orientation.

Is Fred Armisen gay?

The Long Island native is not gay and he is straight. While there still remains a lot of debate in regards to his sexual orientation. But allow us to say with certainty that Fred is not a homosexual.

For many years, people bought the rumor that Armisen is gay all because of a couple of sketches he did on SNL. Off all the sketches, Fred’s skit with Bill Hader as a gay couple from New Jersey, and his part as one of the members of the Jim Carrey family who came out of the closet drew the most attention.


Fred once said he loves playing female characters

This might come as a surprise but yes, Armisen did say that. The man who is amongst the most versatile cast SNL has ever seen said in an interview that he infacts loves playing females.

In his own word, he told Queerty, “As a girl, I can let myself go. If I’m a guy, I’m still a guy. If I’m a girl, I’m like, hey, this is not me. I don’t have a vagina, so I can be this whole other thing.”

Well, Fred certainly does every character he plays justice, especially the female ones.

Fred Armisen Married Twice: Who is he dating currently?

He was first married to Sally Timms, from 1998 to 2004. After his divorce from his first spouse, he exchanged vows with actress Elisabeth Moss from 2009 to 2011. In both of his marriages, he didn’t share any children.

Fred Armisen
Fred plays a gay man in a SNL skit.

As of 2023, he is not in a relationship with anyone. Back in 2022, he was a dating actress, Natasha Lyonne.

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