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Is Finn Wolfhard Bisexual? Truth About His Gay Rumors

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Stranger Things Actor Finn Wolfard has been facing bisexual rumors for some time now and what is the truth behind his sexuality?

We know that he has been in the spotlight for years, and his fans are curious to know the reason behind his gay rumors.

In this article, you will find out about Finn’s sexuality and more.

Key Takeaways

Finn is straight he hasn’t admitted to the rumors of him being gay.
The Canadian actor has played roles of different sexual orientations so people often have doubts about his sexual identification.
He was romantically involved with another actress and was forced to admit his love affair.
Wolfhard is always rooting for the LGBTQ community and one of his close friends came out of the closet recently.
He is reportedly not in a relationship right now.

Quick Facts

Date of Birth December 23, 2002
Place of Birth Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Age 20 years old
Profession Actor, Director, Musician, Screenwriter
Parents Mary Jolivet, Eric Wolfhard
Relationships One
Nationality Canadian

Is Finn Wolfhard Bisexual?

The Canadian actor is straight as he has never expressed his liking for men. Similarly, Finn is a woman lover but he has never engaged romantically with men publicly. He is a pretty private person when it comes to these affairs.

Stranger Things actor Finn possibly bisexual?
Wolfhard stuns in the photoshoot for Fendi. Source; Instagram

As per the sources, there is no evidence proving that he is bisexual or a part of LGBT. It is no surprise that fans assume their idol’s sexuality when they are secretive about it.

Hence, until Wolfhard himself comes forward to clarify the allegations, he is straight.

What is the truth about Finn Wolfhard bisexual rumors?

In 2017, he played in the movie ‘IT Chapter 1’ as Richie Tozier, who is in love with his male best friend Eddie. Fans were astonished by the portrayal of Finn’s gay character and wondered if he was bisexual in real life.

The rumors about the actor who plays Eddie in the movie, Jack Dylan Grazer, and Wolfhard’s dating rumors were going around at that time. Regardless of what others thought, the co-stars admitted that they are only good friends and nothing more.

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Furthermore, in 2019, Finn starred in the movie ‘The Goldfinch’ where he kisses co-star Oakes Fegley and fans were again doubting his sexual preference.

Finn and Oaks kissing in the movie goldfinch
Finn and Actor Oaks Fegley kiss in their movie ‘The Goldfinch’

However, the musician seems to avoid this question which made fans even more suspicious that he is into both girls and boys.

Finn was happy after his friend came out as gay

He takes an interest in playing the roles of sexual identities that are different from his, he is supportive of them. Also, his close friend and fellow actor, Noah Schnapp came out as a homosexual in January 2023 which was a hot internet topic.

Finn was happy and praises his beloved friend for finding the courage to come out of the closet;

 “When I saw it, I just had a big smile on my face. I was just really proud of him.”

Finn was dating Elsie Ritcher

Back in 2021, he was in a relationship with actress Elsie Ritcher. The couple was seen together attending an NBA game on March 2021 and it stirred curiosity among the fans of Wolfhard.

Actors Finn and his ex-girlfriend Ritcher spotted wearing masks
Wolfhard and his ex, Elsie.

Following the events, Finn was spotted with her often in public places but nothing was for sure. Finally, in June 2021, he came forward posting a picture with his then-girlfriend.

Unfortunately, he was obligated to do so because a few of his envious fans were threatening him with his private information to publicize their bond.

Elsie was jealous of Finn’s rumored girlfriend Millie

Further, they were officially seeing each other and the IT actor’s fans were quick to find out Elsie was following his co-star of Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown‘s hate pages. Not just that but she was also not on good terms with Millie either.

Since Wolfhard and Brown had dating rumors after playing as lovers in the show, fans shipped them which could have made Elsie uncomfortable.

However, they appear to be broken up because Elsie was not seen at the Stranger Things Season 4 premiere. Besides, the pair have deleted pictures and videos of them from their pages.

Is He single?

It looks like the Goldfinch actor is not dating anybody right now. Following his split up with Ritcher, he hasn’t been spotted on dates by the media or his followers.

Before her, he had never opened up about his relationships and that might be the case again. Likewise, some fans assume that he is dating in private again while others believe he is taking time off from his love life.

Nevertheless, Finn likes to keep his romantic affairs out of the public’s eye, and it will not be surprising if he is indeed in a secret relationship right now.

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