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Is Eddie Munson From Stranger Things Gay?

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Since season 4 of the Netflix mega-hit series Stranger Things aired, fans have been left with the question is Eddie Munson gay? They think that he had romantic feelings for his friend Dustin Henderson.

The fans became curious about his sexuality after discovering that Robin Buckley is gay and because of Will Byers’s recent behavior towards Mike Wheeler. So, what’s the truth? Is Eddie Munson gay or otherwise? Let’s find out right away!

Is Eddie Munson Gay?

No, Eddie Munson is not gay. He is straight and had feelings for Chrissy Cunningham. However, their love story didn’t see the light of day because Chrissy was one of Vecna’s first victims at the start of Season 4.

Eddie Munson and Dustin are rumored to be gay.
Fans think that the pair was in love.

That being said, several people believe that the Hellfire Club leader was an active member of the LGBTQ+ community. But, there are little to no hints available regarding his orientation. So, why do fans think the character Joseph Quinn played is homosexual? Keep reading the article to learn about how the rumors started and more.

How Did The Rumors Start? Was Eddie Munson In Love With His Friend Dustin Henderson?

As we said earlier, much like Robin and Will’s sexuality hints throughout the series there is little to no information available regarding Eddie’s. But, for some reason, fans have been theorizing that he had feelings for his close friend and one of the lead characters Dustin Henderson.

Dustin and Eddie had known each other since high school and were members of the Hellfire Club, an introverted group focused on Dungeons & Dragons. Their chemistry was so on point that fans couldn’t help but believe that the introverted electric guitarist had feelings for Henderson.

Eddie Munson with Dustin Henderson.
Munson says I love you man to Dustin during his last moments.

Their suspicion became even greater when they heard the last word that came out of Munson’s mouth. He said,

“Cause I’m actually gonna graduate. I think it’s my year, Henderson. I think it’s finally my year. I love you, man.”

Similarly, Eddie’s way of dressing also factored in the thought that he was gay. Theory crafters have linked his black bandana on his left back pocket as a way to hint at his sexual preferences. However, at the end of the day, these are all speculations without any concrete evidence. Hence, it is still too early for us to label him as homosexual.

That being said, we still believe that Eddie is straight as he had feelings for his deceased friend Chrissy.

Joseph Quinn Who Played Munson In Stranger Things Said That The Character Had a Crush On Chrissy Cunningham

The multi-talented actor Joseph who played the rumored gay guitarist Eddie stated that the character had a crush on Chrissy. During an interview with IGN, when asked if Munson had a crush on Chrissy the British star said he thinks he does,

“I think kind of… yes. I think he did. I think, playing with archetypes, especially in American high school, I don’t think you’d ever put those two together. But they get to know each other more in Episode 1 and there’s kind of potential there, and then something horrible happens.”

Eddie Munson had a crush on Chrissy.
He had a crush on Chrissy Cunningham.

Quinn further states,

“I think the concert, for him, was more about avenging her as a person rather than anything romantic. But yeah, I think there could’ve been potential for some kind of liaison of some kind.”

Our Final Verdict

We do believe that Eddie is straight. Similarly, after hearing what the actor who played the character had to say about Munson’s love interest. It makes us clearer than ever that the band member is a heterosexual man.

However, if you are still unconvinced and believe him to be otherwise, please comment below and share your thoughts. Likewise, please let us know if we missed any important details regarding his orientation.

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