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Is Drew Carey Gay?

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Drew Carey is an American comedian and actor famous for hosting shows like The Drew Carey Show, Whose Line Is It Anyway and Price Is Right. He has been active in the entertainment industry for well over 35 years and has gathered a lot of fans in the process. Carey’s fans seem to have many questions in their minds, one of them being, is Drew Carey gay?

Let’s embark on the journey to learn everything about the entertainer’s sexual orientation and find out if all the rumors are true.

A Short Biography of Drew Carey

Full Name Drew Allison Carey
Birthday May 23, 1958
Birthplace Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.
Age 65
Father Name Lewis Carey
Mother Name Beulah Carey
Nationality American
Sexuality Straight
Profession Comedian, Actor, Gameshow Host
Marital Status Unmarried
Relationship Status Single

Is Drew Carey Gay?

No, the comedian/actor is not homosexual. He is straight and is and always has been attracted to females. However, several tabloids have claimed that he is a member of the queer community; some even claim him to be someone who swings both ways.

Drew Carey is a comedian/actor
He has been rumored to be gay for years.

Moreover, Drew being unmarried and single has only added fuel to the fire making people label him gay. However, we assure you that the gameshow host is not bisexual or gay. Keep scrolling through the article to find out the truth behind his orientation, including the origin of the ongoing rumors and his past dating history.

The Gay Rumors Started After Drew Faked Being Homosexual During A Segment Of The Drew Carey Show

Even though the 65-year-old has dated several women in the past, he once faked being gay during an episode of the show which was titled Man’s Best Same-Sex Companion. In the episode, Carey found out that his dog Speedy’s hip problem is getting worse, costing around $2700 for the operation.

But unfortunately, he doesn’t have the money. So, one of Drew’s colleagues, Nora suggests he use the company’s insurance to pay for it. However, there is a catch. The company only provides same-sex health benefits.

So, to get the money the comedian had to prove he was gay by hiring Oswald to be his lover. Soon after the episode aired fans started making assumptions that he might be gay in real life as well. The discussion has been going on for years and some fans even took it to Twitter with one tweeting he had rewatched an episode where Carey gets kicked out of the scouts for being gay.

Similarly, another user shared a short clip of one of the episodes of the show and called him a gay icon.

Moreover, Carey’s past relationships all ended in failed engagements, leading fans to believe that it was because he had feelings for men and not women. That being said, we still believe that the multi-talented star is straight as all of the above-mentioned allegations are just speculations.

The Comedian Has Been With Multiple Women In The Past: Who Were They?

Drew had been in several relationships in the past. He dated Nicole Jaracz for a while before proposing to her in 2007. They were engaged for the next five years, however, they decided to part ways in 2012.

Drew Carey with his late ex-fiance
The couple was engaged for less than a year before parting ways.

Similarly, The Price Is Right host started dating sex therapist Amie Harwick. He even announced their engagement in January 2018. However, just like his previous relationship, the couple decided to end their engagement in November of the same year but remained close friends until Harwick’s death.

He is single as of 2023 and currently resides in his beautiful house in Los Angeles California.


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