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Is Dawn Staley Gay? His Girlfriend, Married, Wife

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Due to Dawn Staley’s previous associations with multiple women, the renowned basketball coach has been the subject of speculation by fans regarding her sexual orientation. She is also an advocate of the gay community which adds to the rumors.

Read the article below to find out the truth about her sexuality.

Key Takeaways:

There are rumors surrounding Dawn’s sexual orientation.
She currently remains single and focuses on her career.
Staley has managed to link herself to several women in the past.
Rumors have circulated that Dawn is married to fellow basketball coach, Lisa Boyer.

Full Summary 

Full name Dawn Michelle Staley
Date of birth May 4, 1970
Place of birth Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Age 53
Profession Basketball Hall of Fame player, and coach
Sexuality N/A
Relationship status Single

Is Dawn Staley Gay?

It is possible that Dawn might be gay but she has never spoken up about her sexuality. She is known to be a private individual who prefers to maintain a separation between her personal and professional lives.

Dawn is rumored to be gay
She has yet to reveal her sexual identity (Source:

However, Staley has been romantically associated with various women throughout her life but these relationships alone do not definitively determine her sexual orientation.

Plus, the coach also maintains a closed-off demeanor on her social media platforms. The only things Dawn posts are photos of herself, her dog, and basketball.

How Did Dawn Staley’s Gay Rumors Start?

Speculation regarding Staley’s sexual orientation arose when fans noticed her romantic associations with multiple women throughout the years, while there was no public mention of any romantic involvement with men.

Dawn is a basketball coach
Dawn has a bold personality (Source: The Spokesman)

Additionally, as a basketball coach, Dawn possesses a bold and commanding demeanor, which may have contributed to assumptions or stereotypes regarding her sexual orientation.

Furthermore, her active support for the LGBTQ+ community, as evidenced by using her fame and platform to advocate on their behalf, has further fueled discussions and assumptions about her own sexual identity.

Does Staley Have A Girlfriend?

A former athlete Dawn is currently single and appears to have directed her energy and attention toward her professional role as a basketball coach. In an interview conducted by ESPN, she shed light on her current priorities and stated that she does not have the capacity to invest in her personal life at this moment.

She said,

 “I don’t have time for a personal life right now. My focus is on my team and helping them be the best they can be.”

Dawn is high-fiving people on the court
Staley is currently single (Source: Yahoo Finance)

Is Staley Married To Anyone?

Dawn, the basketball coach, has never been married. However, rumors surrounding her marital status began circulating after she posted a tweet in 2018 about her close relationship with fellow coach Lisa Boyer.

Dawn is with Lisa Boyer
Dawn and fellow basketball coach, Lisa Boyer (Source: GH Gossip)

In the tweet, Stakey referred to them as “that old married couple who started young and will grow old together.” She expressed pride in Lisa’s dedication to their teams, program, university, and state, using language that metaphorically highlighted their strong bond.

And in response to that, Lisa replied:

“What Dawnnie?!?! 10 years!!! Went by in a blink. Laughs, tears, joys, disappointments, heartaches, and victories, BUT always shoulder to shoulder. It’s been a ton of fun so let’s get this next 10 started!!! #ualreadyknow #loyalisnameofgame”

However, the tweet in question has been deleted, likely due to the rumors and speculation that emerged regarding their marital status after its posting. The deletion suggests that the intentions behind the tweet may have been misinterpreted or misunderstood.

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Her Past Relationships

There have been speculations regarding a potential romantic relationship between Dawn and former basketball player Kaela Davis. Both Dawn and Kaela have openly shared their admiration and respect for each other, which has fueled the rumors.

Kaela Davis
There was a rumor about Staley being in a relationship with Kaela Davis. (Source: The State)

However, neither of them has officially confirmed or denied the dating speculations, leaving their relationship status ambiguous.


Is Dawn single?

Yes, she is currently single.

Are Lisa Boyer and Dawn married?

No, Dawn and Lisa are not married to each other.

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