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Is Davey Havok gay? His Marriage And Wife

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Davey Havok has attracted significant attention due to speculations surrounding his personal life and sexual orientation. The absence of his public appearances with a girlfriend or wife has led to rumors suggesting he is gay. His preference for wearing heavy makeup on stage also raised respective speculations.

Read the article below to find out whether he is gay or not.

Key Takeaways:

Davey is not gay per se but he identifies himself as pansexual.
He loves wearing heavy makeup and pieces of jewelry to express himself.
Right now, he is not married to or dating anyone.
Havok had been engaged once but the couple got separated.

Here is a summary of him:

Date of birth November 20, 1975
Place of birth Rochester, New York, U.S.
Age 47
Profession Singer and musician
Sexuality Pansexual
Relationship status Single

Is Davey Havok Gay?

Davey Havok is not gay. Contrary to rumors, he has not publicly addressed the speculation surrounding his sexual orientation. However, one of his close friends and bandmate, Jade, has stepped forward to clarify the matter. 

Davey and Jade performing on stage
Davey and his bandmate, Jade performing on stage (Source: Instagram)

While Havok has publicly identified as pansexual, it’s also worth considering that he has been in a relationship with women only in the past.

Davey Havok Is Pansexual

According to a statement made by Jade, Davey Havok’s best friend and guitarist in AFI, Havok is Pansexual.

In the statement, Jade mentioned that Havok identifies as pansexual, which means that he is attracted to people regardless of their gender. He posted on AFI’s messaging board:

“Sorry to burst your bubble, but Davey is not gay or bi. Just because your friend heard he was gay or you have read it on some messages board doesn’t make it so.

It’s pansexual, that sort of reach. It’s a wonderful side effect of what we’re doing, giving someone the strength to come out of the closet to their family or present themselves aesthetically in a way they feel happy with, whether or not their friends are going to be allowed. To like them anymore.”

Further, Havok sees this as a positive aspect of their artistic expression, as it can empower others to be their true selves and find acceptance, whether it’s within their families or in expressing themselves aesthetically.

Havok Likes To Wear Heavy Makeup

Havok’s distinctive style, which often includes wearing heavy makeup, has led to speculation and misunderstandings about his sexuality.

Additionally, in many cultures, the use of makeup has historically been associated with femininity or certain subcultures, including the LGBTQ+ community. This association has led some people to make assumptions about Davey’s sexual orientation based solely on his choice to wear makeup.

Havok is wearing makeup and has long hair
Havok is wearing makeup (Source: Cosmetic Heroine)

Moreover, even though Davey has toned down his appearance in recent years, he remains an inspiration to many individuals to embrace their true selves.

Is He Married To Anyone?

Havok is not married or dating anyone at the moment. Being a private person, he does not publicly discuss or disclose information about his current relationships.

His tendency to maintain a low profile when it comes to his personal life leads to details about his relationships being scarce.

While Davey’s private nature limits the amount of information available about his romantic life, it is known that he has had a few girlfriends in the past.

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His Past Relationships & Affairs

There were rumors circulating about a potential romantic involvement between Davey and model Brittany Bowen in 2006.

Although neither Davey nor Brittany addressed the dating rumors directly, they were witnessed engaging in a kiss on the lips, fueling further speculation about their relationship.

Davey is kissing Brittany on the lips
Havok and Bowen are kissing each other (Source: FamousFix)

Additionally, Havok was previously associated with singer Ivy Levan, although their connection was characterized as a mere fling.

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Havok Was Once Engaged

In 2001, Davey got engaged to actress Monica Parker after a two-year relationship. However, their joy was short-lived as they ultimately parted ways in 2002.

Further, reports surfaced suggesting that the reason behind their breakup was Monica’s infidelity. However, neither Davey nor Monica officially addressed or confirmed these cheating allegations.


Does Davey have children?

No, he does not have any children.

What is his sexuality?

Havok is pansexual.

How old is he?

He is 47 years old as of 2023.

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