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Is Damian Hurley Gay?

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Is Damian Hurley gay? It has been a hot topic on the web for a couple of years. Fans are searching extensively to get answers about his sexuality. Many sites, however, have already labeled the star as a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

But, what’s the truth behind these accusations? Let’s find out!

Quick Facts About Damian Hurley

Full Name Damian Charles Hurley
Birthday 4 April 2002
Birthplace London, England
Age 21
Father Name Steve Bing
Mother Name Elizabeth Hurley
Sexuality Straight
Profession Actor, Model
Relationship Status Dating
Girlfriend Millie Griffiths

Is Damian Hurley Gay?

No, the 21-year-old actor/model is not gay or bisexual. He is a straight man who is romantically attracted to the opposite gender. Matter of fact he is currently dating his girlfriend Millie Griffiths.

Damian Hurley gay rumors started because of his facial features.
He is an actor and model.

Whatever the case, several sites still believe that Damian is homosexual; some even claim he is transgender. So, why are people on the internet accusing him of being a transperson and someone who is attracted to males?

Why Is Damian Hurley Being Labeled As Gay? This Is Why

Hurley has always been regarded as the spitting image of his mother Elizabeth Hurley. If you look closely, he resembles his mom, and thanks to his long hair, it’s more eminent than ever. But, this very reason for having somewhat of a feminine facial trait has led many to suspect his sexuality. Moreover, some even believed that he was transgender.

Likewise, in some of his modeling shoots, we can see him with makeup, which ultimately changed people’s perspective towards the multi-talented actor thinking that he had changed his gender. We don’t blame them for thinking so because anyone would be confused if they saw Damian with makeup for the first time.

Damian Hurley is a spitting image of his mother
His facial features led many to believe he was gay.

Similarly, on a particular website called the CELEBGAYDAR over 80% voted him to be homosexual which also added fuel to the fire and the rumors began to grow further.

That being said, we still believe that The Boy on the Beach actor is straight, and just because he has a mix of feminine and masculine facial features, it doesn’t make him gay.

Damian’s Dating History Is A Proof Of Him Being Straight

Elizabeth’s son seems to be dating Millie Griffiths. She is an artist who does abstract painting based in London. Talking about their initial love story, the pair have known each other since their time in school and even attended Wellington College together. Damian is close to her and even calls her “Babaganoush”, a Mediterranean appetizer.

Damian Hurley with his rumored girlfriend
The two have known each other since their school days.

Similarly, he shared a photo of the duo spending some memorable time together during her birthday and captioned the post by saying,

“Happy birthday my babaganoush ♥️ god i love you xx.”

Furthermore, Hurley has dated several other ladies in the past. Even though he hasn’t mentioned any names of who might they be, his caption on the posts says it all. The captions read,

“Happy birthday baby girl 😈😈 Can’t wait until I’m home and can give you everything you deserve and more 🍯 Xx.”

Likewise, another one says,

“Happy 20th to wife 🥳🥳 U gave me my first hickey when we were 12 (swipe for proof 😭) and I’ve been into you ever since 🖤 love ya pretty xx.”

It’s clear that the man in question doesn’t publicly talk much about his relationships, but when he does, he makes sure to let everyone know about them.

Our Final Verdict

We still believe that Damian is as straight as one can be. His current and past dating history is proof of his sexuality. Even though many criticize and claim him to be something he is not. Just because he has long hair and feminine facial features doesn’t give anyone the right to label him gay.

However, if you have any thoughts or information you want to share regarding his sexual orientation or if you feel we have missed some crucial details regarding the uprising model please feel free to comment below. We would love to hear from you.

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