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Is Dalton Gomez gay? He Deactivated His Insta After Being Accused of Being Gay

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Dalton Gomez is Ariana Grande’s husband. From this statement alone there should be no question regarding his sexual orientation. However, there still is a rumor that Dalton Gomez might be gay.

Prior to his marriage with the pop singer, Dalton was a relatively unknown face and now we all want to know the real truth if Dalton Gomez is gay or not. Here today we shall find out!

Is Dalton Gomez gay?

No, Dalton Gomez is not gay. Ariana’s husband is straight and doesn’t belong to the LGBTQI+ community. That being said, both Dalton and Arian are big supporters of the community. Back in March 2022, Ariana donated a lot of money for the trans youth and even asked her ardent fans to do their part.

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From the above statement, it is evident that Dalton is not gay. All the loose talk that you might have heard on the internet is nothing but false statements. 

Ariana Grande’s Husband Gomez Deactivated His Instagram After Being Accused of Being Gay

As of now, Grande’s husband Gomez has deactivated his Instagram account after frequent accusations of him being gay.

Although the real estate tycoon has yet to address the real reason why Dalton actually deactivated his Insta, many sources claimed it could be because of constant accusations regarding his sexuality. 

Despite Dalton Gomez’s constant gay rumors, his wife Ariana is still silent about the prolonged speculations.      

Dalton Gomez Past Affairs: He dated a man?

As for his past affairs, there is not much information available about his dating life before he instantly married Ariana. The pair exchanged vows on May 15th, 2021 in a tiny yet intimate ceremony.

Dalton Gomez bisexual (1)
Dalton with his wife Ariana.

Nevertheless, there are rumors that he once dated Miley Cyrus.

Dalton’s wife Ariana is considered to be a gay icon

Although Dalton has nothing to do with the community, Ariana is often regarded as a gay icon by many tabloids. Back in 2019, with the release of her music video, Break Up with your girlfriend, the artist made a lot of headlines in the LGBTQI+ group.

In the video, Grande displayed heterosexual affection towards Charles Melton as the singer tries to snatch him away from his girlfriend. However, at the end of the video, Ariane ends up kissing the girl, played by Ariel Yasmine, leaving many fans confused and outraged.

As with every music video, there is varied interpretation, but the topmost would be that Ariana might be bisexual and the music video is her way of coming out. Moreover, some people also said that in the video she was queerbaiting.

Dalton Gomez and Ariana Grande’s Relationship

The husband and wife duo started dating in January 2020. Just a couple of months back, Grande was engaged to be married to comedian Pete Davidson.

Dalton, who is a real estate agent, and Ariana’s relationship was made official when she released the music video, Stuck With U, alongside Justin Bieber. Then in December 2020 they both got engaged and on May 15th, 2021 they married.

For the wedding, Ariana wore a custom Vera Wang costume in which she looked absolutely majestic. The Instagram photo of the duo as a married couple is one of the most liked photos on the platform.

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