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Is Corey Robinson Gay?

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Former football wide receiver Corey Robinson has been facing gay rumors for a long time. The son of legendary NBA player David Robinson, Corey’s personal life has been shrouded in mystery. This is why there remains a curiosity regarding his sexual orientation.

Since calling it quits with his football career, Corey has been working as a sports anchor for several big news media. Moreover, he also hosted the World Chase Tag Championship back in 2020.

Coming back to his personal life, let’s find out if Corey Robinson is gay or not.

Is Corey Robinson gay?

The answer to this question remains a big mystery. His sexual orientation is something that has been closely guarded. If the star kid had a girlfriend or boyfriend in the past, we can easily assume his sexuality but due to his nature of keeping close to his chest, it cannot be said.

Speaking of his relationships, Corey, who was a reporter for NBC in the 2022 Winter Olympics, rarely ever said anything about his relationship in the past. He is also not quite active on social media from which we can assess his current dating life.

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It looks like Corey doesn’t like to reveal his personal life to the public. Well, David Robinson’s staunch support towards the LGBTQ community may have triggered Corey Robinson’s gay rumors. But whatever the case may be, until and unless he comes forward and says something it is all guesswork.

Corey’s Dad David Robinson Supports Gay Rights

Back in 2014, Corey’s father David made a remarkable comment while appearing at the 2014 Civil Rights Summit. He told reporters that an athlete’s sexuality should never be a bother to anyone, be it their coach, staff, or their teammates. The former Spurs star said, “It shouldn’t matter.”

His comment came a day after the University of Massachusetts starter Derrick Gordon told ESPN that he is gay. Once he came out, he received several negative comments and that is why David stepped in to provide mental support to Derrick.

Corey Robinson with his father David
Corey’s dad supports the LGBTQI community.

While speaking at the social justice panel at the University of Texas, Austin, Robinson mentioned he has known many gay athletes throughout his career. Robinson said players who are true to their identity always gain respect from their peers.

“We are all going to get challenged and persecuted. That’s part of life, that’s what it is. You’re going to go through hard times, you’re going to go through sad times, but it’s how you face those sad times that makes people respect who you are and respect what you stand for.”

David truly is a right activist for the gay community.

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