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Is Conan Gray Gay?

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Conan Gray, the artist who made the highly-praised debut album, “Kid Krow”. However, he couldn’t escape the watchful eyes and gossip mills of the public. This is why a lot of people are asking, is Conon Gray gay? Speculations about his sexuality began to circulate on the internet, leaving fans and curious onlookers intrigued.

They pointed to his open discussions about LGBTQ+ topics, his unwavering support for the community, and the inclusion of queer themes in his music and in his dressing sense as potential indicators of his own sexual orientation. A lot of people want to dig into the preference of this superstar.

So, let’s start reading for all the answers to your desired questions.

Quick Facts

Birthday December 5, 1998
Birthplace Lemon Grove, CA
Age 24
Siblings Alyssa Gray
Nationality American
Profession Music Artist, Internet Personality
Marital Status Unmarried
Ethnicity Irish-Japanese

Is Conan Gray Gay?

Well, Conan Gray’s sexuality has been a subject of intense speculation among fans, but the singer has consistently avoided addressing them. Back in 2018, Conan expressed his annoyance on Twitter, urging people to let him exist without trying to label him.

In late 2019, rumors circulated that he could be gay after he posted a photo with Matty Healy, but neither of them commented on the romantic involvement speculation.

Conan in a photoshoot posing for a photo
Gray does not want to open about his sexuality. Source: Instagram

While he supports the LGBTQ+ community, Conan has not explicitly revealed his own sexuality and has expressed frustration with fans for attempting to label him. The question of whether Conan Gray is gay or not remains unanswered and continues to pique curiosity among his followers.

Is Conan Gray Bisexual?

His true sexual orientation remains a mystery as the singer has not made any clear statement about it. He carefully avoids using gender-specific pronouns when discussing his past relationships, adding to the speculation about his sexuality.

Fans are left guessing whether he is gay, bisexual, or straight. Adding fuel to the fire, his song “Checkmate” released in 2019 hints at a bisexual theme, as he sings about seeking revenge on a guy and a girl who left him for each other.

However, despite these hints, there is still no solid confirmation. In a tweet from February 2018, Gray playfully wrote “Bi,” but quickly dismissed it as a joke.

The guessing game continues, leaving fans eager for any insight into Conan Gray’s true identity.

Conan Gray’s Statement Regarding His Sexuality on Twitter

The 24-year-old has been skillfully avoiding revealing his true sexual orientation and has been teasing fans and interviewers about it. He refuses to conform to labels and has expressed his annoyance at people trying to categorize him. In a tweet, he bluntly told everyone to back off and stop being nosy about his personal preferences.

It seems like Conan enjoys playing with the speculation surrounding his sexuality, leaving everyone guessing.

Where did the Speculations of Conan Gray Being Gay Started From?

His strong possibility of being gay is fueled by various hints, such as his close association with gay friends and his distinctive feminine fashion choices. His lyrical content that suggests past experiences of potential love with other boys.

Grey in a floral outfit posing for a photo
Conan has never dated anyone. Source: Instagram

Additionally, his lack of dating history with females and his unwavering support for the LGBT community further add to the swirling gossip surrounding his probable homosexuality.

Conan Gray’s Says He has Never Dated Anyone

In a surprising revelation during a 2022 interview with GQ, Conan Gray confessed that he has never actually been in a relationship, which might come as a shock to his fans. Despite this, his music resonates deeply with listeners as he explores relatable stories of love, heartbreak, and personal growth. Gray admitted feeling nervous about dating, which he finds embarrassing.

However, despite his lack of dating experience, he has managed to write songs like “Crush Culture,” “Maniac,” and “Telepath,” delving into themes of crushes and relationships. The popular track “Heather” also touches on the topic of heartbreak.

Conan openly acknowledges having experienced heartbreak, even though his songs are inspired by unrequited love and the devastating impact it had on him, particularly during his high school years.

Conan has been to be gay
Gray in a jacket posing for a photo. Source: Instagram

It seems that his personal experiences, albeit not from actual relationships, have fueled his heartfelt songwriting.

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