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Is Christopher Williams Gay?

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American singer Christopher Williams first gained prominence after his multiple R&B hits singles throughout the late 80s and early 90s. But we are not here to discuss Christopher Williams’s professional life but rather his closeted life.

Although Williams shares a long-term married life with his spouse, there are rumors that he might be a closeted gay or a bisexual for that matter. The speculation started when fellow R&B singer Jaguar Wright claimed Christopher was sexually involved with a big rap mogul.

So who was the guy? And is Christopher Williams gay, really? Here today we shall find out!

Is Christopher Williams gay?

On the surface we can safely say that Christopher is not gay, however, everything is not as expected. Back in 2020, Jaguar Wright dropped some major bombshells. According to her, Christopher, who was one of Puff Diddy’s artists, reportedly had a sexual encounter with the now multi-millionaire rap mogul.

She revealed that back in the 90s, Diddy reportedly asked Williams to give him ‘head’. In her wild accusation, Williams also went on to claim that both Christopher and Puff had a gay encounter in the 90s.

Is Christopher Williams gay
Christopher and Puff Diddy hooked up

As for how she came to know about this, well, Jaguar said an insider, who is an entertainment lawyer told her about their sexual encounter. According to the lawyer, one time she walked in on Diddy while Williams was performing gay acts on his boss.

Has Christopher Williams addressed his gay rumors? He is married to a wife

So far, the Talk To Myself hitmaker has not said anything in regard to these rumors. Nevertheless, both of them, in the past have claimed they are not gay but straight.

In addition to this, Christopher is a married man. He is currently married to his wife Natalie Macklin. The pair exchanged vows on July 7th, 1995. What’s more, Williams is a father of three children, Austin, Cierra Barnes, and Justin Hylton, all from three different women. This really proves that Christopher is not gay but we cannot say that for certain.

Christopher might be a Bisexual

Gay is someone who is attracted to someone of the same gender, however, bisexual is someone who is attracted to two genders. Who knows, Williams might be bisexual which explains his homosexual encounter with Puff Diddy.

Christopher and Diddy’s gay rumors are similar to Kim Kardashian’s gay rumors or Brendan Fraser’s gay rumors. The rumors have no leg.

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