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Is Catherine Bell Gay or Bisexual? Dated Both Men and Women

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Catherine Bell was rumored to be gay after she moved in with a woman following her divorce from her ex-husband. Plus, she has a tomboy-ish and athletic personality which further adds to the speculations.

Read the article below to find out her true sexual orientation.

Key Takeaways

Catherine is reportedly bisexual, meaning she is attracted to both genders.
She was married to her ex-husband, Adam Beason in 1994.
Catherine and her ex separated in 2011 and officially divorced in 2015.
The couple has two children, a girl and a boy.
Catherine and Brooke Daniells are living together with both their children.
Brooke’s mother does not approve of their shared bond.

Profile Summary

Full Name Catherine Lisa Bell
Date of Birth 14 August 1968
Place of Birth London, England
Age 54
Profession Actor, model
Sexuality Bisexual
Relationship status Dating
Children 2

Is Catherine Bell gay or bisexual?

Catherine Bell is reported to be bisexual. However, she has neither declined nor confirmed the rumor. She was once married to her now ex-husband and then supposedly got into a relationship and moved in with a woman.

Bell is rumored to be gay
Catherine likes both men and women.

In addition to that, Catherine has openly expressed her tomboy nature, describing herself as someone who has always embraced a more masculine style of dressing and has actively participated in sports activities alongside her male friends.

Who Is Her Ex-husband?

Catherine was previously married to Adam Beason, who is a producer, writer, and director. They first crossed paths while working on the set of “Death Becomes Her” in 1992, shortly after Bell transitioned from modeling to pursue acting. After two years of dating, they exchanged vows on May 8, 1994.

Catherine was married to and divorced from her ex husband
Catherine married her ex-partner in 1994.

Moreover, the couple not only shared a personal relationship but also co-owned a production company together. They enjoyed a harmonious family life and resided in a spacious 5700 square feet Tuscan-style villa.

However, in 2011, they made the decision to separate and go their separate ways after being married for 17 years.

When Did They Get A Divorce?

Catherine and Adam sold their house in 2010 and publicly announced their decision to divorce in September 2011. The divorce proceedings lasted for several years, ultimately concluding in 2015.

Catherine and her husband's marriage lasted 17 years
Catherine and her husband separated in 2011.

Further, in light of their separation, a representative for Catherine Bell released a statement emphasizing that despite the end of their marital relationship, the couple remained on good terms. The statement highlighted their commitment to maintaining a strong friendship and their shared dedication to co-parenting their two children.

They Have Two Children

Together, Bell and Beason share the joy of parenthood with their two children, a daughter named Gemma Beason, born on April 16, 2003, and a son named Ronan Beason, born on August 21, 2010.

Catherine has two children
Bell and her two children.

Additionally, following their divorce, the couple has embraced a co-parenting arrangement, prioritizing the well-being and upbringing of their children. In an interview, Catherine expressed her deep affection for her family.

She said:

“I tell my kids and husband that I love them at least a dozen times every day. I’m saved by God’s beautiful grace.”

Catherine Is Dating a Woman

After her separation from her former partner, Catherine reportedly entered into a relationship with photographer and event manager Brooke Daniells. Speculation arose that Bell left her husband for Brooke, and similarly, Brooke had also ended her previous marriage.

Bell is living with Brooke
Bell is in a rumored relationship with Brooke Daniells.

The two initially met in 2012 while Brooke was working as an employee at the Psychiatry: An Industry of Death Museum. Subsequently, they decided to move in together in the middle of that year. Since then, Catherine and Brooke have been residing with both their children from their previous marriages in a 3380-square-foot ranch house located in Los Angeles.

In addition to their shared living arrangement, the reported couple also has a business venture together, specializing in designing custom jewelry pieces.

Catherine And Brooke Loves To Travel

Both Bell and Daniells appear to have a shared interest in traveling, as they have reportedly visited various countries such as Italy, Greece, and Egypt.

Bell and her rumored girlfriend, Daniells
Bell and Daniells like traveling together.

However, according to a source mentioned in US Mail Weekly, they choose not to share their vacation experiences on social media. This decision might be influenced by the disapproval expressed by their parents regarding their shared bond, leading them to maintain a level of privacy and discretion in their public portrayal.

Brooke’s Mother Is Against Their Relationship

Brooke’s mother, Penny Atwell Jones, holds strong negative emotions when the topic of Catherine Bell and her daughter is brought up.

Brooke's mother does not accept her daughter's relationship
Brooke and her mother, Penny.

According to Penny, Brooke’s involvement with Bell has caused her feelings of dishonor or distress.

Brooke’s Instagram Handle

Brooke Daniells’ Instagram handle is @brookabell which appears to be a combination of her own name and Catherine’s surname.

This choice of username could potentially suggest a personal connection and a way of symbolically expressing their relationship on social media.

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