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Is Brendan Fraser gay? Find out his Sexuality

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Brendan Fraser is one of the most famous actors of this generation. From the beginning of his career, there have been a lot of rumors regarding Brendan’s sexuality with many people saying that Brendan might be gay.

Moreover, in his 2022 super-hit flick, The Whale he played a gay character which further solidified the rumors. What is the truth? The Mummy actor himself has not come forward with any right answer till now.

Here today we shall try to uncover his real sexual orientation and know Is Brendan Fraser gay?

Is Brendan Fraser gay?

No, Brendan is not gay, at least, not that we know of. Rumors about his sexuality started in the 90s. His hot looks made every gay man drool. The cream on the crop was when he made that luscious ripped body for the movie, Tarzan. His shirtless and pantless attire made many straight guys gay; pun intended.

Brendan Fraser posing for a photo
A hot Brendan in action.

Despite all the eagerness from the LGBTIQA+ community for Brendan to come out, it will always remain a pipe dream. Why? Well, Fraser is not a homosexual, to begin with.

Brendan Fraser has had straight relationships

On September 27th, 1998, he exchanged vows with fellow actress Afton Smith. The pair first met when both of them were invited to Winona Ryder’s 4th of July 1993, barbeque party at her residence. From this relationship, Brendan became a parent of three children, Griffin Arthur, Leland Francis, and Holden Fletcher Fraser. Their marital life ended in 2009.

Currently, Brendan is in a relationship with Jeanne Moore.

Fraser portrayed a gay character in the critically acclaimed, The Whale

In his hit movie, The Whale Brendan played Charlie, a 600-pound middle-aged man. Charlie lost touch with his family after he came out as gay. When his family doesn’t approve of his relationship with his boyfriend, he leaves them and started living with the man.

Tragically, his partner passes away, and in order to cope he started binge eating. Now, he is trying to reconnect with his estranged teenage daughter, played by Sadie Sink.

Brendan Fraser won an Oscar for playing a Gay Character

From his work in the movie, The Whale, Brenda won the 2023 Oscar for Best Actor. His win was significant in many ways. First, Brendan couldn’t have asked for a better comeback and second of all, he added his name to a record.

He became the only sixth straight guy who won the Academy Award for playing a gay role. The previous straight actors to win this prestigious award are William Hurt for Kiss of the Spider Woman (1985), Tom Hanks for Philadelphia (1993), Philip Seymour for Capote (2005), Sean Penn for Milk (2008), and Rami Male for Bohemian Rhapsody (2018).

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