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Is Anthony Padilla Gay?

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Anthony Padilla gay rumors have always been a major topic on the internet. Several fans and haters alike want to know about the famous YouTuber’s sexuality. There have been a lot of theory crafters who are claiming the media star is a homosexual.

So, what’s the reality? Is Anthony actually gay or is there something else entirely? Let’s get started right away.

Facts About Anthony Padilla

Full Name Daniel Anthony Padilla
Birthday September 16, 1987
Birthplace Sacramento, California
Age 35
Father Name Dan Padilla
Mother Name Leezah Padilla
Nationality American
Sexuality Straight
Profession YouTuber, Actor, Podcaster
Marital Status Unmarried
Dating History Kalel Cullen (2010-2014)

Kristina Carrillo Bucaram (2015)

Miel Bredouw (2015-2019)

Mykie (2019-present)

Is Anthony Padilla Gay? The Truth

No, the famous YouTuber/actor is not gay. He is straight and is attracted to females. As a matter of fact, he is currently dating one right now. However, for some reason, many still believe that Padilla is a member of the LGBTQ community. But, we assure you that he isn’t.

Here’s How The Rumors Of Anthony Padilla Being Gay Began

The rumors started after fans thought that Padilla was dating another YouTuber Daniel Howell, who is an actual gay. The star admitted to being queer and gay back in June 2019.

However, the rumors are false and the pair are just good friends and nothing more. Back on January 13, 2023, Anthony shared a tweet with the caption,

In the video, they talked about their first meeting. Likewise, Daniel also stated that they had four tequila sunrises that evening and were super drunk. Their photo went viral, and soon, everyone labeled them a potential gay couple.

But this is not the first instance where the veteran YouTuber faced gay allegations, throughout the past he has been rumored to be a gay individual. His way of presenting himself to the world has led fans to believe that he is homosexual.

They are taking his dressing and speaking style as a hint to call him out for his sexuality. But, just because someone likes to speak and dress up a certain way doesn’t make them gay.

He Addressed The Rumors In One Of His Vlogs Back In 2017

As most celebrities prefer to stay away from sexual preference rumors, Anthony doesn’t seem to do so. In March 2017, he released a YouTube video titled Am I Gay? In the video, he addressed the rumors and stated that he has been facing the question since he was a seven-year-old.

The star said one day when he took a purple Mickey Mouse printed lunch box to school, a classmate said why did he bring it. But, since Padilla liked the lunch box he said because it’s cool. However his friend said, that’s not cool because purple is gay.

Anthony Padilla's gay rumors are not true.
Anthony addressed his gay rumors in a YouTube vlog.

In the video, he also talked about some of his girlfriends calling him gay because he cared about his hair, cleaned his room, and the way he dressed,

I’ve even had girlfriends who asked me if I was gay because they’ve never seen a straight guy care about his hair or the way he dressed. Or wanna keep his room really clean. Or, you know, I walked a certain way or I danced a certain way.

Further in the clip the Smosh: The Movie actor stated that he was tired of behaving the way people wanted him to behave.

He stated,

I just want to be me. I just, I wanna embrace that. I know it’s easier said than done. F*ck it. Just be yourselves. We can’t be anything better than ourselves.

Anthony’s Relationships Speaks For His Sexuality: He Has Dated Several Woman In The Past

Anthony has had several relationships in the past. His first relationship was with Kalel Cullen whom he dated back in 2010. The pair were so into each other that they decided to take their relationship even further and got engaged on June 29, 2013.

The lovebirds seemed to be having the best time of their lives, but suddenly they decided to part ways a year later.

Anthony Padilla with his ex-fiancé
He was engaged to Kalel Cullen.

Similarly, he was in a short-term relationship with writer and speaker Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram in 2015. The same year, Padilla started dating Miel Bredouw, a comedian and podcaster.

Their relationship lasted a little longer but just like his other relationship it also ended in a separation and the couple decided to part ways in 2019.

Who is he Dating in 2023?

The YouTuber is currently dating Lauren Mychal Mountain who is professionally known as Mykie. She is a YouTuber and a makeup artist. The couple started dating back in 2019. Similarly, Anthony was the one who spilled the beans about them dating each other.

He took it to his Instagram back in December 2019 and shared a collection of photos and a long caption calling her the most wonderful human he has ever known.


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A post shared by Anthony Padilla (@anthonypadilla)

The lovebirds seem pretty close to one another and have been posting a lot of photos of each other. We hope they will be together for the rest of their lives and be happy until the end of time.

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