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Truth About Cody Fern Sexuality: Is He Gay?

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Cody Fern has attracted a lot of attention due to the speculations regarding his sexuality. The actor’s charming looks have gathered audiences of all gender identities and they are curious to know the truth about his sexual orientation.

If you are one of those viewers eager to know if Cody is gay, continue reading this article.

Key Takeaways

The House of Cards star has not admitted his sexual preference but we know that he is into men.
He has been secretive about his dating life in the past. That being said, we do know he is openly dating a boy right now.
One of Cody’s roles in American Horror Story is not limited to one sexuality.
His style and clothes are extraordinary and absolutely adored by fellow fashion icons.
There is gossip about his separation from his boyfriend over the long term but he hasn’t said anything in regards to it yet.

Quick Facts

Date of Birth July 6, 1988
Place of Birth Southern Cross, Australia
Age 34 years old
Profession Actor, Director, Model, Screenwriter
Relationships One
Sexuality Gay
Marital Status Unmarried
Nationality Australian

Is Cody Fern Gay?

Yes, he is gay and has been in a relationship with a man. Despite not making any official claims regarding his sexual preference, his dating preference concludes that he is a homosexual.

Cody Fern beside a blue car
Cody is an openly gay individual.

The American Horror Story actor is private about his affairs off-screen so there’s no information regarding him dating a girlfriend. Nevertheless, he has been in a relationship with a man for over five years which proves he is an active member of the community.

Cody had a boyfriend since 2017

The Australian actor has been dating his lover, model Eric Smith for over six years. The couple first made it official in 2017 by posting pictures and videos on social media but they knew each other since 2016.

Cody with his partner Eric
Cody with his boyfriend Eric.

Although they are open about being in a relationship and posting one another on social media, they like some privacy as well. The lovers were in a happy relationship through and through, from going on private vacations to attending fashion shows.

However, in 2023, there have been rumors about their break up by the followers of both models. It is based on theories but both of them are still following each other on Instagram so it is most likely false rumors.

Either way, there is no way to confirm it unless the boyfriends speak about it.

What was his character Michael Langdon’s sexuality?

Cody’s famous projects include the American Horror Story series and his role of Michael Langdon is confusing to a few audiences. Fans of the movie are debating over the character’s sexual orientation.

Later, Cody clarified that Michael is open to any person that he connects with and doesn’t prefer certain sexuality.

“In terms of his sexual nature, he needs to be very liquid in everything that he does.”

As the most beloved character of his fans, Michael’s uncertain sexual orientation was not shocking because he had chemistry with every character no matter what their gender was.

Cody Fern’s dressing style is Gender Fluid

He is known to be a fashion icon in the way he dresses. He is comfortable wearing any type of clothes and he doesn’t see gender when it comes to dressing up. This trait of his is what his fans like the most.


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What’s more, Vogue wrote an article regarding his enthusiasm for wearing garments that are extra and different than what men usually wear.

“The ‘best dressed’ on the carpet is always somebody who has a very simple black suit, with a very simple black tie, and a very simple black shirt. It’s so repetitive and exhausting. The constant message is, like, ‘This is what’s masculine. This is what a man wears.’”

Even on his Instagram, we can see that he is wearing shorts the way usually women wear. It is one of the reasons people started doubting his sexuality.

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